Healthy Diet program Recipe – Oatmeal With Wooden Ear Mushroom And Veggies

Wooden ear mushroom (Auricularia polytricha), is one of the most popular mushrooms in culinary entire world specially in Chinese cuisine. It is more typically known as tree ear, dry black fungus, silver ear, mook yee, or cloud ear. Cloud ear is a various variety of mushroom but it is virtually equivalent to wooden ear mushroom. It is known as wooden ear mushroom simply because it grows on a living or useless wood and appears like an ear. The dried and refreshing varieties of wooden ear mushroom are available on the market.

Wood ear mushroom has a strong type and thick skin. Its texture is similar to jelly. Refreshing mushrooms will be crunchy when cooked. Incorporating the mushrooms into a soup will surely give a special texture and style. The taste of this mushroom is not as sturdy as other mushrooms this sort of as oyster mushroom or shitake. This mushroom has a small forest fragrance and earthy flavor.

Dried wooden ear mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, vitamin B1 and B2. In some analysis, it is concluded that this variety of mushroom is 2nd highest in fiber. It contains iron a few times as a lot as in animal liver and calcium 2 times as a lot as in milk. It is also believed to have many wellness advantages this kind of as to avoid coronary heart ailment and blood coagulation. Some resources said that it has some substances that can support lower cholesterol amounts, avoid atherosclerosis, prevent most cancers, reduce hemorrhoids indicators, and boost digestive health.

Listed here is a wooden ear Shrooms uk mushroom recipe you can consider. This is for two servings.


– ten grams of wooden ear mushrooms (soaked in drinking water for 1 hour)]
– five hundred grams of h2o
– 2 tablespoons of quick oatmeal
– 70 grams of frozen vegetables
– Fifty percent a teaspoon of salt
– 50 % a teaspoon of ground pepper
– 50 % a teaspoon of garlic powder

How to make it:

– Deliver h2o to a boil, place in the mushrooms. Cook them for a even though.
– Incorporate salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Stir it properly.
– Incorporate the oatmeal slowly.
– Insert frozen greens into it. Cook dinner for a even though.
– Ready to provide.

A couple of serving tips for variation:

one. Serve it along with your every day foods.
2. Set in further rooster or beef meat for added protein.

Nutrition facts

– Vitality: 85 energy
– Unwanted fat: 1 gram
– Carbohydrate: 15 gram
– Fiber: 9.5 gram
– Protein: 3.7 gram.